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Drake Walk-in Backpack 2.0 - MAX 7

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The Walk-In Backpack 2.0 is the ultimate backpack for waterfowl hunters that must walk into their hunting area and pack in all their gear. Large storage compartments and plenty of customized pockets hold everything you need to get from your boat or vehicle to your favorite honey hole in one trip, all while keeping your hands and arms free.

* Shotgun Shells NOT Included. Used for Illustrative Purposes Only.

- Rugged HD2™ water-resistant material
- Seam-welded vinyl internal liner
- Padded backing

- Internal organization storage pockets
- 12 neoprene shell loops on the front
- 11 storage pockets
- EVA shoulder straps
- Zippered side pockets
- Shotgun cradle
- Chest and waist straps
- Two D-rings

- W: 13" by H: 20" by D: 11"

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Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail

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Rig'Em Right Duck Hunters Beanie


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