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Mtn Ops Hot Ignite TRAIL PACKS

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Hot Ignite Trail Packs™ have redefined energy on the go, raising the standard against which all energy drinks are held. Through specially formulated blends of Amino acids, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, and our own proprietary Brain Blend of Nootropics to improve cognitive function, Ignite delivers smooth, long-lasting, great tasting energy and focus for up to 20+ Hours, perfect for the mountains, goose blind or early morning boost with a healthy breakfast.


Smooth Sustained Energy
Mental Focus, Clarity & Cognitive Function
Cardiovascular Endurance (20+ Hours of Nitric Oxide Boost)
Amazing Taste
SERVING SIZE: 1 Trail Pack

SERVINGS: 20 Trail Packs

USAGE: Mix one serving (1 trail pack) of MTN OPS IGNITE™ in 10 oz of water. Best used to jump start your day as a replacement for your coffee, immediately before or during a hike, hunt, strenuous activity, long day in the office, to keep up with kids at home or anytime your brain or body needs a little boost in energy, function and mental sharpness.

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