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Rolling Thunder Terence Williamson Crystal Pot Call with Diamondwood Striker

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This signature friction call was designed by World and Grand National Friction Calling Champion, Terence Williamson. This crystal call is one of Terence's favorite hunting combinations. From soft clucks and purrs, to loud, aggressive yelps and cuts, this call will do it all. It features a cherry pot, a purpleheart soundboard, and a two-piece straight tip diamondwood striker.

When you think about friction turkey calls, you simply won't find a more accomplished contest caller than Terence Williamson of Tuscaloosa, AL. He is the 2019 World Turkey Calling Champion (friction) and the back-to-back Grand National Air-friction team calling champion (2019 & 2020). He is the 12-time Alabama State champion, 2-time Mississippi state champion, 2-time grand American junior champion and the 2-time Yellville National Friction Champion.

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