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Glock Magazine Capacity

Magazine Capacity of Every Glock PistolThis guide will show you the standard and optional magazine capacity of every Glock pistol currently on the market. This list does not include pistols that are l…

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Are Glock Handguns Single or Double Action?

Glock handguns are neither single nor double action. Glock handguns have their own technology that they refer to as a SAFE ACTION® System. This action system is described by the company as a fully aut…

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Do Glocks Have Hammers?

Glock handguns are striker-fired, meaning that they do not have a hammer. Instead, the striker is released when the trigger is pulled, and it strikes the primer of the cartridge. This mechanism is oft…

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Will a Glock fire if Dropped?

Dropping a gun can be dangerous, as it may cause the firearm to discharge. This is why many guns come with safety features, such as a firing pin safety and a drop safety. Glock handguns are some of th…

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How to Clean a Yeti Cooler?

It is important to keep your cooler in good condition so that it can function properly and keep your food and drinks cold. There are a few different ways to clean a Yeti cooler, and each method depend…

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