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Types of Bow Releases

There are several different ways that you can draw back and release the string of your bow when hunting. The most common type of releases are the finger-trigger style release and the thumb release. Ea…

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Smith and Wesson® EQUALIZER™ Specs and Features

The new Smith and Wesson® EQUALIZER™ is proclaimed by S&W® to be their best-performing micro-compact handgun to date. In this article we will take a look at the features that the EQUALIZER&tr…

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Do Bow Sights Fit All Bows?

Buying a bow sight can be an expensive decision, so you want to make sure that you are buying one that will work with whichever type of bow you are using. In general, bow sights will fit any type of b…

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Does Sitka Gear Have Scent Control?

Various products of Sitka incorporate advanced odor control technology to maximize your hunting performance. Masking your smell while on the hunt can be the difference of bringing home game or going h…

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How to Wash Sitka Gear?

If you have some Sitka hunting gear, you're most likely going to have to wash it fairly often if you are an avid hunter. Sitka has a guide on their website on how to wash their gear. We will cover mos…

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