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Double Action vs Single Action: Complete Guide

Firearms are available in various configurations, each designed with specific features to meet different needs and preferences. Two common types of firearm actions are single-action and double-action.…

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JHP vs HP Ammo: Choosing the Right Ammunition

In the realm of firearms and ammunition, selecting the right type of ammo is crucial for self-defense and law enforcement purposes. Among the various ammunition options available, Jacketed Hollow Poin…

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Does Ammo Go Bad?

The reliability of ammunition is vital for maintaining firearm performance and ensuring personal safety. However, ammunition, like any other product, can degrade over time. This article explores the c…

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Is FMJ Ammo Good For Self-Defense?

In the world of firearms and ammunition, selecting the right ammunition for self-defense is of paramount importance. One particular type of ammunition, known as Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), often raises q…

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​Do Gun Safes Need A Dehumidifier?

Guns need to be kept safe and dry in order to prevent them from rusting or becoming damaged over time. Moisture is a big problem for gun owners as it can cause the gun to rust, corrode or become damag…

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