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How Much Is A 9mm Pistol?

When it comes to acquiring a 9mm pistol, one of the key factors influencing your decision is the price. The world of firearms offers a wide spectrum of options, from budget-friendly choices to high-en…

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How Much Does 9MM Ammo Cost?

The world of firearms and ammunition can be complex, with prices and availability varying widely based on factors like brand, type, and quantity. For those considering 9mm ammunition, understanding th…

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What Grain Is Best For 9MM?

Selecting the ideal ammunition for your 9MM handgun is a crucial decision, and one of the primary considerations is the grain of the bullet. The grain of a bullet plays a pivotal role in determining t…

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9MM vs. 9MM Luger

The world of firearms and ammunition can be a maze of terminology and compatibility, and the 9MM and 9MM Luger cartridges are no exception. Often used interchangeably, these two ammunition types share…

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​How Many Bullets In A 9MM Magazine?

The number of bullets a 9MM magazine can hold varies significantly based on several factors. The most influential factors include the design of the firearm, the magazine itself, and the specific laws…

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