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Sitka Delta Waders Lifetime Warranty

If you purchase a pair of Sitka Delta Zip Waders, you are offered a lifetime warranty to have some damages repaired for free. The Sitka Delta Waders Lifetime Warranty is a great way to get some protec…

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What is the Warmest Sitka Jacket?

Having the right gear to hunt in below zero temperatures is essential for making your time in the stand enjoyable rather than excruciating. Many hunters recognize the hunting brand of Sitka who are kn…

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How Much Do Sitka Waders Weigh?

If you are interested in buying a durable pair of waders for waterfowl hunting, you have probably heard about Sitka Waders. These waders are known for being very durable and at the same time, lightwei…

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​How Long Do Sitka Waders Last?

How Long Do Sitka Waders Last?Sitka has recently released a wader for the serious waterfowl hunter. The new Sitka waders are made with a Gore-Tex Pro shell and is guaranteed to keep you dry. The quest…

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Are Sitka Waders Insulated?

Sitka Waders are made from special materials that allow these waders to be insulated and keep you warm on the coldest days. This makes them ideal for use in colder climates or when participating in ac…

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