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Should Guns be Stored Vertically or Horizontally?

Proper gun storage is a crucial aspect of gun ownership. It is essential to ensure the safety and longevity of your firearms. When it comes to storing guns, there are two primary options: horizontal o…

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Do Guns Rust In Storage?

Maintaining a firearm is crucial for its long-term survival. The ownership of a gun comes with the responsibility of keeping it in good working condition. One of the primary concerns of gun owners is…

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What Is The Difference Between A Magazine And A Clip?

Firearms enthusiasts, as well as individuals who carry firearms for self-defense, have most likely heard both the terms "magazine" and "clip." However, these two terms refer to two distinct parts of a…

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Which Glock Models Are Best For Concealed Carry?

Glock is a well-known firearm brand and is often used for concealed carry. The importance of choosing the right Glock for concealed carry cannot be overstated as it can mean the difference between a s…

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Types of Bow Releases

There are several different ways that you can draw back and release the string of your bow when hunting. The most common type of releases are the finger-trigger style release and the thumb release. Ea…

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