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  • Banded Air Elite Turkey Vest - 848222094991


    Banded Air Elite Turkey Vest


    Air Elite Turkey Vest Welcome to the Elite Class of Turkey Hunting: The AIR ELITE TURKEY VEST In the realm of turkey hunting, there exists gear, and then there exists the AIR ELITE TURKEY VEST - a paragon of engineering and design, specifically crafted...

  • Sitka Turkey Tool Belt - 841984183682


    Sitka Turkey Tool Belt


    Throw your run-and-gun game into high gear. This minimalistic call and gear-management system merges the simplicity of a hip pack with the specialized storage of a full-featured vest. When you strike a bird, simply drop the removable seat pad and spin...

  • Drake Gunslinger Turkey Vest - 659601090578


    Drake Gunslinger Turkey Vest


    The perfect vest for going to war with Ol' Tom. The first thing you'll notice wearing this vest is how well the weight is distributed by the Gunslinger straps. The next thing you will appreciate is how well organized this vest is. It has room for...

  • Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest - 841984162069


    Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest


    This is no traditional turkey vest. We took a pack-like approach and developed a comfortable and efficient vest based on the movement and organizational needs of run-and-gun turkey hunting. It has ample yet minimalist storage -- including...