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Alps Backpack Blind Bag

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The Backpack Blind Bag is the perfect choice for the duck hunter who has a lot of gear to take to the blind. The pack is self-standing thanks to its hard bottom construction, and this section even doubles as an extra compartment. You'll find stow away game totes on the shoulder straps, which along with the waist belt are padded for additional comfort. The pack is designed with two main compartments, and features a center aluminum stay with an air flow channel back. The pack is hydration compatible, and also features a water bottle pocket on the exterior. The pack features nine shell loops as well as three choke tube holders so you'll always have your accessories at the ready. The Backpack Blind Bag also features a drop down gun boot to securely transport your shotgun to and from the blind, and a section specifically for your sunglasses to be kept safe when you aren't wearing them.

- Hard bottom - doubles as an extra compartment
- Stowaway game totes on shoulder straps
- Center aluminum stay with airflow channel back
- Two main compartments with large front pocket
- Hydration compatible and water bottle pocket
- Three choke tube holders
- Nine total shell loops
- Dropdown gun boot
- Hard sunglasses case
- Padded shoulder straps and waist belt

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