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Avian-x Hdr Hen Turkey 8106

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Introducing the Heavy-Duty Realism (HDR) line of turkey decoys. Blow-molded into reality from hand-carved designs, these decoys harness unbeatable detail and durability.

The HDR Hen features an upright body with two interchangeable head postures for double the realism and double the customization. Use the outstretched head for more aggressive setups, or the resting head to signal submissiveness. The HDR Hen pairs perfectly with jake and gobbler decoys as well as other hen decoys to create an authentic, enticing turkey setup.



Hen Decoy
2 Removable Heads
Integrated Stake
Decoy Bag

Avian-x Breeder Hen Avx8008 - 810280080087

Avian X

Avian-x Breeder Hen Avx8008


One of our most popular turkey decoys ever, the LCD Breeder Hen plays up gobbler's top priority every spring: finding a mate. This lady is the ultimate temptation, displaying she's ready to breed...

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