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FFL Transfer

I purchased a firearm and plan to have it delivered to Springhill Outfitters.

-If you are purchasing a firearm from another dealer and having it delivered to Springhill Outfitters:

  • Our transfer fee is $35 for each firearm.

  • Springhill Outfitters only accepts transfers from licensed FFL dealers who ship with UPS or FedEx.

  • You will be required to complete paperwork for a federal background check and will only be transferred the firearm after approval. Please bring a valid Driver's License or state-issued ID with your current physical address listed.

  • If applicable please bring your Concealed Carry Permit. 

  • If you were given a tracking number please note "delivered" does not mean your firearm is ready. Please allow our staff one business day to process your firearm and receive it into our system before coming to the store. Thanks.

  • Please fill out the contact form below. List the firearm and where it is being shipped from in the comment field. 

I purchased a firearm from Springhill Outfitters and need it shipped to another FFL dealer.

-We are shipping your firearm order to a different FFL dealer to be transferred:

  • At the time of purchase if you did not list your FFL contact information please do so below in the contact form. 

  • Before transferring your firearm we must have a copy of the dealers FFL license on file. If we do not have that information on file we will reach out by phone or email to the dealer so they can provide us with that information. Please note this can cause a delay in processing depending on response time. Our staff works diligently to ship your firearms in a timely manner. 


I have a firearm that needs to be shipped to a different FFL dealer.

-You have sold your firearm and need it shipped to an FFL dealer or you need a firearm sent to a manufacturer for repair: 

  • A firearm cannot be shipped directly to an individual. It can only be shipped to licensed FFL dealers.

  • You will be responsible for shipping cost. We ship all firearms through UPS. We will provide adequate boxes & shipping material. 

  • Your firearm must be unloaded before bringing it into the store. 

Contact form: