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Finisher Ripple Maker Pintail Drake

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Experience a new dimension of waterfowl attraction with the GHG Finisher Ripple Maker Motion Pintail Drake Decoy.

True-to-Life Motion: Immerse yourself in the authentic feeding and ripple motion that imitates a Pintail Drake in its natural behavior, enticing even the most cautious birds.

Artisan Detailing: Every feather, every curve has been meticulously captured, thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship in the GHG Pro-Grade butt up decoy body.

Consistent Operation: Powered for action, it runs smoothly for up to 6 hours on just 4AA batteries (not included), ensuring your hunts are always accompanied by an unmatched decoy performance.

Optimal Setup Recommendation: To create the most believable and enticing spread, it's suggested to use one quiver for every dozen decoys.

With the GHG Finisher Ripple Maker Motion Pintail Drake Decoy, every hunt becomes an episode of genuine outdoor theater, bringing the allure and drama of nature right to your spread.

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