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Jebs Choke Tubes JPC20E1/560 Head Hunter Benelli Crio 20 Gauge Turkey Matte .560

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Attribute Value
Gauge 20 Gauge
Constriction Type Turkey
Configuration Benelli Crio
Finish Matte
ConstrictionDiameter .560
Chokes Included 1
Manufacturer Part Number JPC20E1/560
Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail - 751981129265


Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail

$3.99 - $4.49

The Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grubs feature a fat, rippled body and a twin tail-spinning action designed to move a lot of water. The two curly tails create a bass-calling, fluttering action as soon...

Take Notice Ruffle Dress - 400100000979

Vann & Co.

Take Notice Ruffle Dress

MSRP: $50.00

This dress leaves us literally speechless!! The ruffle detail and flattering fit make our jaws drop!!

AR-15 Rollermag 5.56mm 10 Round Black Polymer - 708279013621


AR-15 Rollermag 5.56mm 10 Round Black Polymer


Rollermag reinvents the wheel by adding them to an anti-tilt follower in a Technapolymer magazine body. Experience a smooth, anti-tilt rolling feed with the revolutionary Roller Follower for maximum...

Quaker Boy Slider 13664 - 040191136645

Quaker Boy

Quaker Boy Slider 13664


NEW for 2019One-handed, simple operationCompactSilent carryCherry sides, poplar strikerThe Slider™ is very compact, with no external rods and fantastic sound. This call is a must use, spring and fall...

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