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Lv-x Muzzy Bowfish Bow Oneida

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Muzzy Bowfishing LV-X Bowfishing Lever Bow
The Muzzy LV-X Bowfishing Lever Bow is here to take over the bowfishing scene. The LV-X is adjustable from 25-50 pounds of draw weight, 26"-29" of draw length, and can be set at 0 or 60% let-off. With it's 8" brace height and weighing only 4 pounds it is sure to keep you slinging arrows all day and all night. It also has an integrated line puller and adjustment wrench built into the riser.

Bow Specs:

Adjustable Draw Weight: 25-50 pounds
Adjustable Draw Length: 26-29"
Net Weight: 4 lbs.
Brace Height: 8"
Let-Off: 0 or 60%
String Length: 41.75"
Cable Length: 26.75"
*Muzzy Reel, arrow rest, and accessories sold separately.

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