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Retay GPS XL Mossy Oak Bottomland 12Ga/28" 3.5"

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The Retay GPS XL is a pump-action shotgun designed to elevate the hunting experience with its advanced features and performance. As a 12 gauge shotgun, it provides significant power and versatility for various hunting scenarios. The retay 12 gauge performance is recognized for its reliability and precision, making it a top choice for enthusiastic hunters. The standout gps xl camo pattern, the mossy oak bottomland camo, offers exceptional concealment in wooded environments. This camouflage design is particularly suited for those interested in waterfowl hunting or turkey hunting, as it blends seamlessly with natural surroundings, enhancing the outdoor shooting experience. The shotgun hunting gear market values equipment that is not only effective but also adaptable to the user's needs. Equipped as both a waterfowl hunting shotgun and a turkey hunting shotgun, the Retay GPS XL meets the demands for specialized, high-performance shotguns. With features that enhance its use in the field, such as a balanced weight distribution for easier trekking and a smooth pump-action mechanism, it becomes an indispensable piece of shooting sports gear. Attention to detail is evident in the retay shotgun features, ensuring that each aspect contributes to a superior shooting performance. Beyond its functional capabilities, the hunting shotgun sports a camo pattern that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, aligning with the preferences of hunters who value the aesthetics of their equipment. When considering outdoors hunting equipment, a reliable shooting shotgun is essential. This model's credibility is upheld by its consistent performance, contributing to its reputation as a performance shotgun within the shooting community. For hunters seeking a camouflaged hunting shotgun that promises dependability and effectiveness, the Retay GPS XL is a prime example of what to look for in a shotgun designed for the outdoors enthusiast.

The GPS series (Geometric Pump System) pump shotgun is an icon in the making. The GPS is offered in 12ga 3" chamber while the GPS-XL is chambered in 12ga 3.5". Both the GPS and GPS-XL offer rock-solid performance and durability from Retay's exclusive floating-forearm technology, a dual slide rail, dual latch action that allows for ultra-fast cycling for quick follow-up shots when you need them. The GPS line offers first-in-its-class features like, fully drilled barrels with elongated forcing cones for improved pattern density, interchangeable chokes, dovetail optics mount, and Retay's 5-year Limited Warranty. C-M-F choke tubes are included.

Additional information
12 GA

Cross Bolt Push Button Intercepter

Extra Short 3.5" Pump Travel With Geometric Glide System

Interchangable MaraPro Chokes C-M-F

Flat Hunting Style 8mm

Recoil Pad
Sculpted Microcell Polyurethane


Drop at Heel
2.16" .04" adjustable to 1.77"-1.96"-2.36"

Drop at Comb
1.45" .04"

7lbs 4oz

2-3/4'' to 3-1/2''

Single Bead TruGlo Fiber optic (Red)

Automatic Anti-Repeat System

Adjustable Shim Set with Integrated Sling Swivel Mount

Stock Finish
Molded ABS, Mossy Oak New Bottomland Hydrographic

Receiver Lower
Single Piece Aluminum

Receiver Lower Finish
Mossy Oak New Bottomland Hydrographic Finish

Receiver Upper

Trigger Housing
2 Pin Removable

Forcing Cone
MaraBarrel 12g Optimized Lengthened Forcing Cone

Drilled Bohler Steel / Chrome Lined

Barrel Finish
Mossy Oak New Bottomland Hydrographic Finish

Minimum Load

12ga, 3.5" Chamber - 28" Barrel

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