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Rig'Em Right Hydeout Go Subalpine Blind

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Fresh from The Lab comes the newest creation from the industry-leading, mud-taming, foul-weather, waterfowl gear specialists. We've taken those same design standards that boosted Rig'Em Right® to the top of the waterfowl food chain and created the most badass big game blinds available. Even better, we wrapped them from head to toe AND inside and out, in the most effective camo patterns around. Prepare to disappear!

HydeOut™ Go
Item 075-T, 075-S
The HydeOut™ Go is a compact, run-and-gun, two-hub blind that's perfect for turkey, deer, elk, antelope or other pursuits where minimal gear is desired and hiding is required. Features camo material on the front AND reverse to keep you concealed when something approaches from behind. For added concealment we've added a stubble strap system on the front to attach native vegetation for even more hideablity. Each blind includes metal tent stakes for stability in high-wind conditions and a durable camo carrying case with heavy duty shoulder strap to help you sneak quietly through the woods.
Available in Gore® Optifade® Timber and Gore® Optifade® Subalpine
Dimensions: 76"W x 40"H
Weight: 5 lb

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