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Sitka Delta Zip Wader

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The Sitka Delta Zip Wader is designed for optimal comfort and utility in the field. These waders are renowned for their durability and have become a staple among hunters who demand high-performance gear. The delta zip waders feature a size-inclusive fit, ensuring that you can find the perfect pair that adheres to Sitka wader sizing standards. With sitka insulated waders, you can expect to stay warm even in colder environments, making them suitable for a range of outdoor activities. Built to last, these sitka waders are waterproof and offer unmatched protection against the elements. For those who navigate rugged terrains, the camouflage design of the outdoor waders seamlessly blends with natural environments, providing stealth in hunting scenarios. The breathable camo waders are crafted with the hunter's agility in mind, featuring a zippered design for easy access and a quick escape when you need to transition to dry land swiftly. Often chosen by enthusiasts of duck hunting waders or those needing reliable fly fishing waders, this product line includes thermal hunting waders that ensure warmth without sacrificing mobility. The weather-resistant waders face the elements head-on, so you can focus on the hunt without compromise. Whether you re trekking through wetlands or casting lines into chilly waters, Sitka gear waders are designed to serve as the ultimate companion for the dedicated outdoorsman. Investing in durable hunting waders pays off in the long run, and with Sitka's commitment to quality, these waders for hunters meet the mark. They are not only practical but also fashioned for the modern hunter, with features that support a wide range of movement and activity levels. Consider these waders your reliable partner in achieving success and comfort during your hunts.

The only GORE-TEX Waterfowl Wader. Built to keep you dry season after season, the versatile Delta Zip Wader can be worn across the gamut of waterfowl hunts and features a completely waterproof YKK AQUASEAL Zipper to allow simple on and off. An insulated boot designed exclusively for the Delta Zip Wader is warm, durable, and more comfortable than ever. The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush. Plus, this wader is 100% serviceable so you can count on it for many years to come. The Delta Zip Wader is a game-changer for waterfowl hunters across all flyways, climates, and conditions.

GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Marsh is designed for layout and blind hunting in the marsh, standing crops, and cut stubble fields.

GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Timber is optimized for engagement distances of 10 to 40 yards in the darker environments of flooded timber.

Insulated Boots: Lightweight, durable, and comfortable insulated boots add warmth and agility when trudging through the muck and are attached to the wader with advanced heat-activated technology to create a strong and streamlined weld joint.

Waterproof YKK AQUASEAL Zipper: A durable and completely waterproof zipper allows for an easy on and off.

Reinforced Knee and Shin Pads: The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush.

Adjustable No-Buckle Suspension: A streamlined suspension system eliminates cumbersome buckles and makes custom fitting lightweight and easy to use.

Water-Resistant Zippered Storage Pockets: Two zippered storage pockets provide easy access to store essentials.

High Handwarmer Pockets: High handwarmer pockets are positioned to shed water away from the pocket and provide easy access to keep hands warm and ready.


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