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Stoeger M3500 12GA/ 28" Mossy Oak Bottomland

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The Stoeger M3500 Bottomland is a reliable 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun designed for serious hunters. Its camo finish is not just for aesthetic appeal but also serves to blend seamlessly with various outdoor environments. Ideal for those seeking performance and durability, this semi-automatic shotgun is well-suited for a range of hunting activities. Crafted with precision, the Stoeger M3500 incorporates advanced technology to ensure consistent firing and accuracy in the field. Its design caters to both novice and experienced shooters who require a shotgun that responds quickly and efficiently during a hunt. The hunting shotgun camo pattern is not only practical in the wild but also marks the Stoeger M3500 as a top choice for sportsmen who value stealth. With an ergonomic build, the shotgun offers a comfortable grip and balance, reducing shooter fatigue and improving the overall experience. It's engineered to handle a variety of loads, which translates to versatility whether you're targeting waterfowl or upland game. By choosing the Stoeger M3500, enthusiasts of outdoor sports will possess a shotgun that harmonizes exceptional functionality with an appearance that matches the environment. Its robust construction promises longevity, making it a wise investment for any avid hunter looking for a competent and reliable firearm.

Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3-1/2in
Capacity 4+1
Barrel Length 28in
Lop 14.38in
Finish Mossy Oak Bottomland
Choke IC, M, F, XFT
Weight 7.8lbs
Action Semi Automatic
Hand Right
Overall Length 50in
Sights Red-Bar Front

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