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Smith and Wesson® EQUALIZER™ Specs and Features

Smith and Wesson® EQUALIZER™ Specs and Features

Nov 17th 2022

The new Smith and Wesson® EQUALIZER™ is proclaimed by S&W® to be their best-performing micro-compact handgun to date. In this article we will take a look at the features that the EQUALIZER™ brings to the table.

You will see that the features this handgun has makes it a considerable option in the micro-compact category.


The S&W® EQUALIZER™ features a picatinny rail on the slide allowing for you to customize the handgun with whichever light or laser sights that you may want. The slide also has new deep serrations on the front and back end of the firearm that are designed to make gripping and racking much easier and more comfortable.


The iron sight optics on the S&W® EQUALIZER™ feature a white-dot sight configuration on the front, and a white two-dot configuration on the rear. The top of the firearm is also has the Holosun 507k footprint.


The S&W® EQUALIZER™ gives three magazine options providing a range of use for the firearm. Use the smallest magazine for easy concealment and the larger magazine for a better experience at the firing range. The magazine sizes that are available for the EQUALIZER™ include 10+1, 13+1, and 15+1 round options.

Trigger and Frame

The trigger on the EQUALIZER™ has a crisp, light break making it easy and satisfying to fire. The audible and positive reset lets you know that your firearm is ready to go again shot after shot.

The frame of the firearm features a new and improved stippling for recoil management allowing you to fire off sequential rounds in rapid succession.

Great Uses for the S&W® EQUALIZER™

The EQUALIZER™ is in the micro-compact size category making it an excellent choice for a concealed carry firearm. The EQUALIZER™ will be essentially unnoticed by you or others as it is small enough to not show any sort of print when concealed. Using the smallest magazine size, you will be prepared for any self-defense situation with the S&W® EQUALIZER™.

This firearm also makes fore a fun time at the range with its phenomenal performance. Pair the EQUALIZER with a magazine with a larger capacity to

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The two models include: