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Types of Bow Releases

Types of Bow Releases

Nov 17th 2022

There are several different ways that you can draw back and release the string of your bow when hunting. The most common type of releases are the finger-trigger style release and the thumb release. Each type of release describes which finger you use to release your arrow.

Other popular types of bow releases include mechanical jaw-style releases and wrist-style releases. Each of these different types of bow releases have their own advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing the right one for your needs.

Thumb Releases

As the name suggests, you will use your thumb when using a thumb release to fire an arrow out of your compound bow. The trigger is located on the side of the release, and when you press it with your thumb, it will cause the bowstring to release. Thumb releases are the most popular type of releases among hunters because they offer a reliable and repeatable draw.

Finger-Trigger Releases

Finger-trigger releases work similarly to thumb releases, but use your index finger instead of your thumb. The trigger is located in the front of the release, so when you press it with your index finger, it will cause the bowstring to release. These types of releases usually have a longer handle, which can make them more comfortable to use and can help reduce hand fatigue while shooting.

Hinge Release

A Hinge Release is a type of release that uses a trigger system housed inside the release. This type of release has not trigger and is used by hinging the release back to let your bowstring essentially slip out of the notch on the release. This type of release is a bit more difficult to fire and can be misfired when drawing.

Do All Releases have a wrist strap?

Most finger-trigger releases will have a wrist strap attached for easier handling. However, some thumb releases will not have a wrist strap and must be held in your hand when shooting.

The wrist strap allows you to securely draw your bow without worry of your finger strength giving out accidentally firing the bow. When you are using a thumb release without a strap, you will have to keep your fingers bent to hold onto the release. Thumb releases are typically better for a quick draw and release while you are able to comfortably keep your bow drawn with a wrist strap as it doesn't require you to fatigue your finger muscles.

How do You Know Which Bow Release to Use?

There isn't any wrong bow release that you can use. It mostly comes down to personal preference and what you are more comfortable using. You should also consider the type of bow that you are using and what kind of draw weight is comfortable for you to handle. Try out different types of releases at a local archery range or shop and experiment with how they feel. Once you find one that feels right, it's time to take it out in the field and practice your form! 

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