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Rig'Em Right Hydeout Xl Subalpine Blind

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Fresh from The Lab comes the newest creation from the industry-leading, mud-taming, foul-weather, waterfowl gear specialists. We've taken those same design standards that boosted Rig'Em Right® to the top of the waterfowl food chain and created the most badass big game blinds available. Even better, we wrapped them from head to toe AND inside and out, in the most effective camo patterns around. Prepare to disappear!
HydeOut™ and HydeOut™ XL
Item 076-T, 076-S, 078-T, 078-S
You've invested hard-earned money on your Sitka® Gear to help you stay warm, dry and invisible and our new HydeOut and HydeOut XL Blinds will help you to do just that. Our all new blinds boast a camo interior to help you disappear inside your blind without having to wear a basic black hoodie, and all the while eliminating the "black hole effect" that just doesn't look natural in the woods. Additionally, we wrapped our carrying cases and backpacks in camo to help you sneak through the woods undetected, because let's face it, a crummy black backpack sticks out like backpack. Other features like silent entry and exit system, high-viz orange window attachments, one-way camo mesh windows, 360-degree views make these the badest hunting blinds ever.
- Camo interior allows you to wear your camo inside the bind and reduces the "black hole" effect.
- 360-degree views
- Large windows for multiple shot and archery angles
- Silent entry and exit option
- High visibility window latches for quiet, low-light situations
- Premium see-through camo mesh windows that open quietly
- Orange center hub for easy set-up
- Camo backpack with padded shoulder straps
- Straps for adding vegetation
- Removable reflectors on all sides to locate in the dark.
- Heavy duty steel tent stakes


Hydeout™ - 55"W x 55"W x 65"H (1-2 person)
Hydeout™ XL - 65"W x 65" W x 72"H (1-3 person) Weight: 26 lb

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