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Tikka T3X Lite .308 Winchester 22.4 Inch Barrel Blue Finish Black Synthetic Stock 3 Round

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The Tikka T3x Lite 308 is renowned for its lightweight design and reliable performance in the field. This rifle combines the precision of a 308 Winchester caliber with the convenience of a synthetic stock, making it a top choice for hunters who demand both accuracy and durability. The Tikka T3x Lite boasts a 22.4-inch barrel and a comfortable black synthetic stock that's built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that every hunting trip is a success. Crafted to deliver impressive 308-caliber performance, the Tikka T3x Lite is tailored for the hunter seeking a lightweight hunting rifle that doesn't compromise on power. Its 308 win hunting firearm construction is ideal for those who appreciate a firearm that's easy to carry without sacrificing the long-range capabilities of a 308 rifle. The Tikka T3x .308 model promises a smooth, lightweight bolt-action experience, enabling quick and efficient handling in any hunting situation. Offering a seamless blend of form and function, the Tikka T3x Lite 308 review reflects its status as a reliable hunting rifle .308. It features a lightweight synthetic stock rifle build, favored for its resilience and impact resistance. The rifle's accuracy is further enhanced due to its well-engineered barrel and action, ensuring that the Tikka T3x Lite 308 accuracy is nothing short of impressive. Designed for serious hunters, the Tikka T3x Lite 308's performance is complemented by the availability of Tikka T3x rebate offers, adding value to an already esteemed rifle. The 308 caliber lightweight rifle is not just powerful and accurate; it is also cost-effective for those looking for the best quality without breaking the bank. For varmint hunters, a composite stock varmint rifle like this one is invaluable, providing a sturdy platform for steady shots. And if you're looking for a credible Tikka T3x field rifle, look no further; this model is engineered to encounter and overcome the diverse challenges presented by outdoor environments. In sum, the Tikka T3x Lite 308 combines all the essential features from the practical synthetic stock 308 rifle design to the notable 308 win hunting firearm capabilities. It s a top-tier choice for those in pursuit of a lightweight, reliable, and high-performance hunting companion.

Light weight and fast handling. Modular synthetic stock that has interchangeable pistol grips, and asymmetrical grip pattern and shape designed for solid grip in all conditions. Robust recoil pad. Stock noise reduction, a foam insert within the interior of the rear stock. Widened angular ejection port. Extra screw placements on top of the receiver so you can robustly attach picatinny rail-even when using larger scopes. Metallic bolt shroud. Steel recoil lug.


  • Long Gun Web Model: Tikka T3
  • Barrel Length: 22.4
  • Caliber: .308 Win.
  • Capacity: 3
  • Stock: Synthetic
  • Finish: Blue
  • Caliber-Gauge: .308 WIN.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: JRTXE316
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